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Experience our 3D Common Room

Ecstasies of Rooms is a participatory, guided experience of your own living room in which you are invited to use your voice to connect to the space.

How to play:
1. Scan the QR code with your phone (and use headphones) to take the audio journey yourself.
2. Click to enter the Virtual Common Room: use your mouse to LOOK, and HOLD DOWN your mouse button to move around.

Throughout the 45 minute audio journey, Christine and Adriana will gently guide you through a series of exercises that will use touch, smell, light and your own body as vocal tools. The journey is intimate and personal, specifically tailored so that you can experience a room you’ve become closely familiar with in a new way, through your voice. The Common room is a virtual 3D sound installation in which vocal responses from participants that submit recordings, are gathered in real time during Gaudeamus Music Week. The home-made recordings are positioned into the space allowing the public to move through each participant’s specific vocal response.

No vocal training is necessary to take part; we encourage all who are curious to try our piece!

Ecstasies of Rooms and the virtual Common Room are by co-composers Adriana Minu (Romania/Scotland) and Christine Cornwell (Netherlands/England). The project’s start to finish has been entirely remote, the two composers have been in four different countries since the project began, but not yet in the same room as each other!

The invitation is open to join us - thank you!

Ecstasies Of Rooms
by Adriana Minu & Christine Cornwell