A Walking Opera by Cameron Dodds

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Gooseworm/Wormgoose is an hour-long walking opera that takes you, the walker, away from familiar sonic and physical landscapes and lets you journey through the realm of the weird.
How to play:You should plan a walk using a digital map software such as Google maps that begins and ends outside your own front door and lasts the exact duration of the piece.

The first half of the walk is named Gooseworm and follows the narrative of a field recordist who becomes increasingly distressed by a sound that only she can hear, her narrative is gradually disrupted by a series of disparate vignettes and soundscapes including spacey synthesizers, experimental folk music and jazz sung by crows.

You will then embark on the second half of the journey entitled Wormgoose. The piece allows fiction to blend into reality and reality bleed back into fiction as you imprint new folklores onto real world objects and embark upon your newfound hobby as a deep mytho-topographer!

You will be asked to document your experiences at certain points throughout the piece, this could be a photo, a sketch, a voice memo, a thought, whatever springs to mind.
Please email this documentation to and make sure that each document is clearly labelled as either your Gooseworm object or your Wormgoose object.