Instrumentalising (y)our Desire

The aim of this exercise is to determine what you really desire in the work-place via an Effective Sonic Meditational Process (ESMP)

By employing James Hazel's patented Survey-Score® technology, we will help you resolve any hindrances to your work-energy-potential!

There may also be an opportunity for you to join our resonating community for life :)


Before the survey, take five slow-deep breaths

(exhale with a deep ahh-yes)


During the survey, indicate the level to which you agree or disagree with the written statements


The resultant soundscape will reveal if your profile is a good fit

Let's begin together

You are currently satisfied with your level of practical and affective input and output

You feel loved and cared for in your current role and you go to work for the love of it

Your employer/manager employs a warm speaking tone when they address you

Your current financial and social position does not elicit any feelings of stress, or anxiety

You are special, talented, or unique in your current spectrum of work/life related activities

Your body is well-cared for and nurtured before/after the course of work-related activities i.e., no physical or mental duress

You are invigorated by the prospect of competing with your peers for career-oriented resources

Your hierarchical trajectory is currently accelerating upwards in a consistent way

Your position provides a relative level of spiritual or metaphysical growth with respect to your achievements

Success as a form of scarcity is a thing of the past

The first step towards personal unlearning is always the hardest

Calculate my desire(s)...

Before we quantise your results, we need one small thing from you to complete your IYD profile:

Please listen deeply & hum one of the tones from your Survey-Score® soundscape...

I am humming now
Congratulations, your pressional desire sits in the top thirty-three
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