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Merlin' Messy Page

How to Play:

Galaxy Credits: Connor Addison ('W' page), Oliver Farrow ('A'), stenton.press ('S'), Shannon-Latoyah Simon ('Q') and Merlin Nova ('Z')

Your screen is now a window. Looking out it is dark and devoid, but within is a rich and increasingly clear environment to explore.

Unfolding over a number of successive hypothetical sunrises, gaze around an abstract sky.

Hidden are groups of celestial shapes, each emitting their own localised space-sounds.

Using your ears, you can locate the source and begin to notice the shapes emerge.
As you search, time passes. Night becomes day, bit by bit.

Notice the birds sing and the energy change.
If you are tired, you can call it a night and return the next evening, then use what you learnt the previous outing to explore further and reveal more, while also becoming aware of slower gradual shifts and deeper unknown territory.

Merlin’ Messy Page is the spawn of two earlier pieces: one is a pencil drawing made during a performance by Merlin Nova, that on first sight appeared a random set of scribbles but over time revealed curious collections of recognised shapes.
The other a Lockdown project of mine that saw me live-stream ambient music from my garden during sunrise each day for 3 weeks.

For this piece here I have melded the visual elements of the first with the music of the second; together they share an experience of calm, healing observance, using patience and repetition to reveal the most rewarding content buried within each setting.

Take your own time. Remember that this is not a real sky, but that you can have as much fun with an equivalent experience with a real sky. Stay out all night and look up.


My heartfelt thanks and credit go to Luke and Maya for my inclusion in Screen Dive and Luke's extensive build support. To Connor Addison ('W' page), Oliver Farrow ('A'), stenton.press ('S'), Shannon-Latoyah Simon ('Q') and Merlin Nova ('Z') for contributing their artwork with which I dressed the rooms.

Thanks also to Merlin and Shannon for their voices, Merlin's accidental inspiration and Shannon's support and love.

Merlin' Messy Page
by Sam Leith Taylor