Noodle Game
In "Noodle game" players may race with each other towards a target sound. It's usually played with a few pitched instruments that support the same tuning system (usually 12-tet).
Check out the video below!

Dominik Sidorek and Adam Izaak Wasaznik met at Monsoon Group meetings, which gather board game designers who try to help each other with testing new projects.

They work with music games in the physical face-to-face medium, of the type gathered at wiki where they also both participate.The virtual medium is secondary for the works presented.
In every round you will get two legal intervals to play with.
Can you get to target pitch before your artificial opponent?
points are needed to win.

[click when ready]
Sorry for your loss.

Speed is less important than feeling.
You play like a virtuoso.

The victory is yours.