How to play:

You need a paper and pen.

Click LEVEL 1 to begin and match each video with a scent, and each scent with a sound. When you have made your matches, click REVEAL SOLUTIONS 1 to find out if you were correct!

There are 3 difficulty levels, click on the button to display each level...

How to play:

SMOUND GAME,its title, a neologism, explains the project's intent; an experience of combining the two senses: sound and smell.

But how can you smell through the screen?
you will need to activate your imagination!

Instructions are waiting beneath this information window. Close it to begin by clicking the "X" in the top right corner!

More info:

The SMOUND GAME welcomes open-minded individuals who appreciate the consumption of music from a peculiar perspective and are curious to delve into the mind of the artist, trying to follow the connections drawn between the two senses.

Raven Grace is a proponent of multi-sensory experiences, believing that all of our senses are intertwined, to some degree, which enables a person to mentally relive a moment from their past merely through sensory input happening in the present.

While sight and sound are senses that most of the general population rely on practically and constantly, the sense of smell is more subtle in its necessity and has a different depth of impact in triggering emotion and memory. The game's intention is to make people consciously aware of their senses, stimulating the relationship between sound and smell in a fun way.

Raven's technique included a selection of sections from her club-based productions and experimental/ambient music productions, listening to them with the seven smells in mind, and reproducing some of the sounds;

While thinking about the following questions: What do these sounds smell like? What do these smells sound like? How do these smells change the perception of sounds? How do these sounds change the perception of smells?

Raven Grace: SMOUND GAME