Traces of time non spent by Tijmen Lohmeijer

Traces of time non spent is an interactive visual poem on time and how it is spent. With a focus on the completion of actions, we tend to live in a society on the clock. Where simple joys of being lost, whether in time, space or mentally are often overlooked.

How to play: The instructions are contained inside the game itself. Use the ARROW KEYS on your KEYBOARD and MOUSE.

In search for a mind at ease I create sounds, moods and digital scenes. Though the scenes are rarely related to the digital world of screens, a rushed society and buzzing lights, a contrast exists in the presented medium and the story it portrays.

When on holiday, partly in Japan, I took the time to absorb my surroundings and let my mind wander. After noticing my wandering thoughts I made field recordings, pictures and small videos to link to my experiences. Back home I created virtual scenes and soundscapes trying to recreate and highlight the essence of these small interventions into a virtual poem, using the footage I made with my phone.

*a pop-up comes up when clicking on the embedded unity player, this ensures the participant is able to look 360* within the virtual scenes by locking the mouse pointer. This can be undone by pressing escape at any time.

concept, composition, creation and production by Tijmen Lohmeijer

additional coding and modelling help by friend, coder, 3d artist and debugger Justin Zijlstra